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Ævar vísindamaður or Ævar scientist is a kids show on RÚV. The host does all kinds of experiments, meets interesting people, and visits interesting places like CERN in Switzerland. He also features a scientist of the day. Most of my work shown below is the footage from that part of the show. As seen in the last picture, I also did a little cartoon animation, but I didn't design the character. I had the graphics for half of season 3 and the whole season 4. In total, there were 4 seasons of this show.
​I used After Effects for this project. I also used a few plugins like Primatte keyer, Optical Flare, Trapcode, Universe, and Element 3D.

Producer - Gunnar Björn Guðmundsson

Compositing - Birkir Ásgeirsson

Animation - Birkir Ásgeirsson

After Effects
Red Giant
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