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Birkir Ásgeirsson

VFX Compositor | Motion Graphic Designer | Videographer









+354 848 8870



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Welcome to my world of visual storytelling! I'm a versatile creative professional with a passion for crafting captivating visual experiences.


With well over a decade of filmmaking experience, I've had the privilege of creating a diverse range of cinematic works. From wedding films that tug at the heartstrings to visually stunning documentaries that transport viewers to new realms.

In addition to my filmmaking journey, I bring over eight years of expertise in motion design. This unique skill set allows me to infuse a touch of magic into every project I undertake. The ability to breathe life into graphics and create dynamic, engaging visuals has become second nature to me.


My VFX journey began in Vancouver, Canada, where I honed my skills and earned my stripes in VFX. The bustling city, known for its vibrant film industry, was the perfect training ground. Today, I find myself inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland, which I call home. Nature's grandeur and cinematic landscapes serve as a constant muse for my work, infusing my projects with a unique, ethereal quality.


Join me on this creative journey as we explore the art of visual storytelling, one frame at a time.


2023 - Current

Post Production Manager

2022 - 2023

Visual Effect Compositor

2015 - 2021

Motion graphic designer

2015 - Current

Videographer & Motion Designer

2012 - 2017

Staff member and videographer


Post Production Manager for a production company in Iceland. I also handle the Motion Graphics and VFX compositing.

Storm Studios

VFX Artist for movies and TV shows.

Ríkisútvarpið - RÚV

RÚV or in english, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, Graphics for episodes, news and other programs aired on the television station.


During my spare time, I sometimes do freelance work as a videographer and graphic designer. I've crafted an extensive portfolio featuring commercials, music videos, anniversary videos for companies, and wedding videos.

UNIK - Unglingastarf Íslensku Kristskirkjunnar

I was a staff member and a videographer in a christian youth group in my church for about six years. My main responsibilities were planing the youth meetings and other activities and making all the posters and videos for the group. Both volunteer work


2021 - 2022

Advanced VFX Compositing

2014 - 2015


2012 - 2014

Academy Professional Degree

2009 - 2011

Auto car body repair

2008 - 2009

Auto foundation


Private Pilot License (PPL)

Lost Boys School of Visual Effects

12-Month Program in Advanced VFX compositing at Lost Boys in Vancouver, Canada.

Bildøy Bibleskolen

I went to Norway for one year and attended a bible school. My study was called KRIK (Christian Sports Contact) KRIK is Norway’s largest Christian meeting place for young people who like sports.


Also known as Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment (RADE). I learned programming, VFX, 3D modelling, Animation and Web design but my main focus was 3D & VFX.


I learned how to fix cars after a crash and how to customize them e.g. jeeps or trucks. I mainly went to this study to do something while I was figuring out what I wanted to do in the future, which turned out to be video.

Iðnskólinn í Hafnarfirði

The foundation in fixing cars in Technical College of Hafnarfjörður

Icelandic Flight Academy

A license that allows me to act as a pilot in command of an aircraft privately.

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