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I decided to make a car video since I am a big fan of cars. This is my final project from RADE - Reykjavík Aca­demy of Digital Entertain­ment. At that time, Bugatti Veyron was the fastest production car globally, so of course, I went with that one. Also, no Bugatti Veyron has ever been in Iceland, so I thought it would be cool to place the car into Icelandic nature. However, it was a lot of snow in Iceland when I filmed this, so I put the vehicle inside a parking garage. 

I used several software for this project. I modeled and animated the car in Maya. I made the textures in Photoshop and then rendered this out in Mental Ray. I used Nuke to track the scene and to put all the AOVs together. The glitch effect was made using After Effects with no additional plugins. Finally, I edited the video in Premiere Pro. Note that the wireframe of the car has triangles. I just want to point out that the model itself has quads. I was kind of new to Maya at this time, so I had a little trouble rendering the wireframe in this scene. I ended up using the render engine in Maya.

Modeling - Birkir Ásgeirsson

Animation - Birkir Ásgeirsson

Rendering - Birkir Ásgeirsson

After Effects
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