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I am Birkir, an Icelandic VFX compositor. I have previously worked at a television station as a motion graphic designer and freelance filmmaker. In addition to my passion for VFX, motion graphics, and films, I'm also a private pilot, Auto Body Builder, Photographer, and blue belt holder in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Logo Replacement

Planar Tracking (Mocha), Paintout, Insert Front Logo, Insert Side Logo, Logo Displacement, Colour Correction, Weathering, Motion Blur, Grain

Digital Makeup

Denoising (NEAT Video), Smart Vectors, Digital Makeup, Beard and Hair, Blur, Motion Blur, Grain Matching

Actor Replacement

Denoising (NEAT Video), Paintout, Green Screen Keying, Roto, Edge Treatment, 2D Relighting, Colour Correction, Focus Matching

Marker Removal

2D Point Tracking, Paintout, Roto, Reconstruct Hair, Extend Greenscreen, Even Green Screen, Grain Matching

Wall Replacement

3D Camera Tracking, 3D Card, Wall Patch, Weathering, Relighting, Colour Correction, Roto, Motion Blur, Focus Matching, Grain Matching

Screen Burn In

 Planar Tracking (Mocha), Paintout, Graphic Design, Roto, Colour Correction, Motion Blur, Focus Matching, Grain Matching

Leg Paintout

3D Camera Tracking, 3D Projection, Colour Correction, Roto, Planar Tracking (Mocha) for Cardboard Sign, Text Paintout, Text Replacement, Trashcan Logo, Baby Bottle Paintout, Grain Matching

FX Compositing

FX Compositing, Cryptomattes, Colour Correction, Floor Replacement, Defocus, Grain

Ethereal Ghost

Green Screen Keying, Color Grading, Stock Elements, Roto, Face Tracking

Multipass Compositing - Pagani Huayra

Multipass Compositing, Cryptomattes, Colour Correction, Floor Replacement, Defocus, Grain

Roto - Articulate

Plate, Shapes/Splines, Alpha

Roto - Full Body

Plate, Shapes/Splines, Alpha

Keying Hair

Green Screen Keying

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