When I got this project in my hand, I didn't have much to work with other than the logo that was sent to me. The logo is a blue glove with yellow letters with the title of the show. I felt that there was a little 1950s style over the logo and it kind of reminded me of The Jetsons when I saw it. I pitched the idea to the producer and he liked it.

I was trying not only to make it look like it was made in the 1950s but also trying to animate it with a 1950s style and a little touch of 2020. I looked for inspiration from Saul Bass who was an American graphic designer in the 1950s. I had a lot of fun with this project and it was a great learning experience to go back in time.

Producer - Gísli Berg

Design - Birkir Ásgeirsson

Logo - Svavar Eysteinsson

Animation - Birkir Ásgeirsson